Where in src/routes/authentication.js does the registration-redirect take place?

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    I have created a community app where I want to show post(topic) based on tags and location. for eg. user select a 3 tags related to travel and and select a location of norway. then from those 3 tags if post(topic) contain any 1 or 2 or all 3 tag and post(topic) contain that location must be show. can anyone let me know how to do that and which API and what request parameter need to use to get those topics based on given filters.

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    Hi, I would like to display a scrollbar to the right of topics. NodeBB already has the scrollbar but it's embedded in the pagination block in the bottom right corner.

    I tried modifying the code in the scrollbar.tpl file (persona template) but it did not work which is not surprising since the code in there is just an HTML container.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    @julian said in HUh.. where is delete category/sub-category?:

    The way we use "purge" is for clearing out an item from the db, so in our eyes, the nomenclature is correct.

    The function is specific to removing the category from the database. We are careful to not call it deleting because deleting implies that it can be "undeleted", whereas you cannot unpurge something.

    You say potatoes I say tomatoes! 😉

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    @greenmoon yes you can. Select multiple topics and then use the "Delete Topic" under "Topic Tools"

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    For 1 I would be inclined to use clustering then reverse proxy the subdomains to categories. Rather than spooling individual instances for each. I've done this at my own site.

    dnb.35hz.co.uk will take you to the electronic category.

    You could then make a few changes to how your homepage/main website looks and do it that way.

    As an additional. Anything you're not sure exists, drop an email to sales [at]nodebb.org and they may be able to create what you need.