need help to modify css template codes

  • Hello, I want to change the size 23 to a bigger number in the following code,
    it shows on page to post new topic, not sure where I could locate the code? thanks.

    <input type="text" placeholder="Enter tags here, between 3 and 24 characters each" class="ui-autocomplete-input" autocomplete="off" tabindex="5" size="23">

    attached picture shows the part (highlighted) I am talking about. thanks.

    0_1542505313018_ui-autocomplete block.JPG

  • NodeBB Admin

    You can modify that value at /admin/settings/tags, its the maximum tag length.

  • @baris Thanks. but you misunderstood my question.

    what I am looking for is to change yellow highlighted part to even wider.
    it has to be done in different way at coding level. Thanks.

  • @double76 I assume you want this so users can click across the full width at the bottom of the screen to enter tags?

    Here's how to accomplish that with CSS:

    .composer .tags-container .bootstrap-tagsinput {
      display: block;

    This is a bug in the composer, actually. I'm going to fix it right now.

  • @PitaJ Thanks for working on this. expecting it works soon.

    at my side, I tried putting custom css in ACP, please see the screenshot below,
    after rebuilding and restarting nodebb, still does not work. the class still shows 23, not what I want to show. did I miss anything? thx.

    0_1542510060430_custom css.JPG

  • And you talking about changing the text in yellow, or what? Baris already told you how to change the size attribute.

  • @PitaJ I am not talking about changing the text in yellow, nor the max length of tags. I want to make the class ui-autocomplete-input size wider.
    it is 23, I want to make it 50. that's why I use the following codes in custom css in ACP. but it does not work and want to find out solution. hopefully I made it clear this time. Thanks.

    .ui-autocomplete-input {
               size: 50;

  • @double76 changing the maximum tag length sets that attribute.

  • @PitaJ Oh, I got it. But I tried and unfortunately it does not change the attribute.

    Plus, I found the value is the length of placeholder 's length. the default English placeholder is "Enter tags here, between 3 and 24 characters each.", that's why it is 50.

    I am using zh-CN, according to translation, it is 23 characters, so value is 23.
    However, one character Chinese is 2 English letter wide, to show the placeholder full, the value need to be 46.

    Can you fix it? thanks.

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