Couldn't set default admin username and password in config.json

  • In code src/install.js, it seems configure variables like admin:username , defaultTheme are loaded from config.json. But it seems there configure variables don't affect the setup results at all. How could I setup with a configured admin account and theme?

         "url": "",
        "secret": "123456-eb70-4605-kkerg-720752bc4aca",
        "defaultTheme": "nodebb-theme-timuu",
        "setup": {
            "admin:username": "admin",
            "admin:password": "abcdefg",
            "admin:password:confirm": "abcdefg",
            "admin:email": ""
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    $ ./nodebb setup --help
     Usage: setup [options] [config]
     Run the NodeBB setup script, or setup with an initial config
      -h, --help output usage information

    You want to pass JSON text as the config. You can read a config file into an environmental variable and pass that as the config parameter:

    BASE_CONFIG=$(cat config.base.json)
    ./nodebb setup $BASE_CONFIG

    I think that's right anyways

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