DB structure / connection of threads and posts ... post double displayed in different threads

  • Hi all,

    some things about me:
    I am an IT guy, but have nearly no experince with mongo. Used to work with php/mysql, "oldscool"stuff 😉

    Some things about my system:
    Ubuntu 18 Server
    Mongo v3.6.3
    nodeBB v.1.10.0 (latest yesterday)

    I have a notebb forum running, and some weird things happen.
    A post was posted, but is displayed ion two "different" threads.

    Why ❓

    I would like to know how threads and post are connected. Is there any database structure available?

    The "problem record" is in objects.

    _key = post:2952
    pid = 2952
    uid = 10
    tid = 9
    toPid = 2951

    So what for is pid, uid, tid and toPid?

    This record is displayed in:

    • topic/172/zitat-des-tages/37
      and in:
    • topic/9/wanderwochenende/13

    Anybody any clue, why this happens?
    I have none - sorry ...

    Can anybody point me in the right direction?
    Any help highly appreciated.

    Kind regards,

  • Global Moderator

    pid = the unique post id, this never changes
    uid = the id of the user who posted it, this never changes
    tid = the id of the topic this post is currently in, this changes if the post is moved between topics
    toPid = posts can be direct replies to other posts, in which case this field stores the post which is being replied to

    A post shouldn't be in multiple topics.


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