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    Hi guys,

    I had my first full day of playing with NodeBB settings, plugins and themes today. Was going smoothly until I activated a bunch of plugins - SSO, events, etc.

    Now, on my two test accounts (mac osx Firefox & Chrome) as an admin and normal user, the forum pages don't fully load.

    The progress bar at the top gets to around 80-90%, and then stops. Underneath, it is still clickable, though replies don't post.

    What's up? I could not find this issue anywhere else.

    The only errors in the log are:

    404 Not Found
    Route Count
    /libs/js 2
    /libs/js/iframe.js 1

    Is this is?

    And if so, where did they magically disappear to?

    Finally.... is it better practice to reboot NodeBB after each single plugin is installed / activated? Rather than installing 5-10 and rebooting all at once?

    thanks for the help

    0_1533653384107_Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 4.44.26 pm.png

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    What logs are you looking at? Try loading a page while watching ./nodebb log. Also, try running ./nodebb build and restarting.

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