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  • NodeBB Architecture?

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    @julian said in NodeBB Architecture?:

    @volanar That may be true, but we're a different kind of company than those silicon valley startups that raise money. This is not to say that they're bad and we're good — just that we're different in how we approach money.

    They certainly can use that money to do cool things, but at a burn rate that far exceeds ours. We hit profitability organically, by growing our revenue through our SaaS offering and by taking on custom work.

    I like to think we do cool things too, but the downside is I don't have unlimited funds to throw talented developers at every problem that strikes my fancy 🙂

    Maybe someday!

    I understand you, but we do not live in an isolated world. We have competition here. And everything needs resources. When choosing a community platform, support is the deciding factor, not programming language. This is the foundation of the foundations, support, support. Support! All modules must be supported. But you have a small team. There are two ways. Finding an investment that suits your history is no problem. You can raise tens of millions and improve your platform to the skies) Or let the community donate to these things. I want to donate hundreds of dollars, but I don't want to take your SAAS. You see who communicates in the community. Basically, these are the owners of individual platforms. They are willing to pay money for support.
    I'm even willing to develop this theme for free, as long as you improve your support. Otherwise, my community is at risk. We just can't stand the competition. By your actions, you are advertising discourse. Writing code is not the main thing, the main thing is support. All modules that are written. There lies success. Create an opencollective account, hire developers and take nodebb to the next level. Otherwise, all your clients will sooner or later go into discourse, there are no problems with this.

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    I created some accounts with the api/v3, but those accounts can't log in by email on the forum, and consequently can't log in with session sharing plugin.

    I searched a long time, because this used to work on nodebb v1.15.
    But on v1.18, some db objects are only set after the call of confirmByUid function :

    ['email:uid', uid, currentEmail.toLowerCase()], ['email:sorted', 0, `${currentEmail.toLowerCase()}:${uid}`], [`user:${uid}:emails`,, `${currentEmail}:${}`]

    So you have to confirm each account before the plugin "session sharing" works with them.

    To resolve this, i made a custom plugin and used the "confirmByUid" function :

    library.js :

    const Users = require.main.require('./src/user') var Plugin = { onCreateUser: function (postData) { const { user } = postData;; Topics.markAllRead(user.uid); } }

    plugin.json :

    "library": "./library.js", "hooks": [ { "hook": "action:user.create", "method": "onCreateUser" }, ]

    I hope this can help ;).

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    @julian said in Cannot start nodebb with systemd:


    Hi julian, sorry for my delay response.
    I changed the services as you suggested, essentially this was my first implementation.

    I removed the file output.log, then I rebooted the system and started the services, when I went in the logs folder the file output.log was empty.


    I used journalctl -fu nodebb.service to see the log of the service, and I discovered a nice thing:

    alt text

    Any idea?


    Okay, so after spending some times on this, I discovered what is the cause of the problem. Essentially, I have installed nodebb as root account (which is wrong, my bad), and the systemd service was configured to run nodebb as the user "sfarzoso", but that user was not the owner of nodebb folder, so when I started the service using systemd, a permission problem happen.

    For fix this, I chowned the "opt" folder for "sfarzoso", which is the folder that I need to install nodebb, then I cloned the repo of nodebb and launched the setup again.
    All works now.

    Thanks for the attention, king regards.

  • NodeBB on Cloud9

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    @Aureney it's not removing the .lock file when it's going to hibernate.

    do this...

    $ rm data/mongod.lock

    and then run ./mongod &

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    Something went wrong with setting up connection to MongoDB. Could you please provide some more information about your configuration?