• I tested npm on my vps and accidentally deleted something, now the forum does not want to start and the console displays a bug visible on the screen. I tried the ./nodebb build and ./nodebb setup commands, but they do not help.


  • You use sudo command. Example: sudo ./nodebb setup or sudo ./nodebb start

  • @paopevil I always run nodebb from sudo.

    EDIT: I fixed the error by replacing nodebb files with new ones and running the ./nodebb upgrade command.

  • @rikodev you really shouldn't

  • @pitaj Why I shouldn't do that? Other attempts to correct this error did not work.

    Did you mean to run NodeBB through sudo? There are no errors when running the forum without sudo, so sudo is no longer necessary. 😉

  • @rikodev yeah, please don't install or run NodeBB with sudo.

  • GNU/Linux Admin


    Why shouldn't I use sudo to run NodeBB?

    You do not want to run NodeBB using sudo because this causes NodeBB to be run via the root user. This superuser has complete access to the entire system and should NodeBB ever become compromised, then a malicious user can utilise NodeBB as an attack vector to take over your system.

    Secondary effects from running NodeBB under sudo include the changing of ownership of some files to root, which would complicate administration of your NodeBB further as future starts of NodeBB will fail with an EACCES error, simply because some files could not be written to, as they are now owned by root instead of the regular user!

    Best practice security recommends running NodeBB with as few privileges as possible (ideally, nobody:nogroup), but practically an unprivileged user is perfectly fine.

    By the way, this also means running NodeBB as a user that has sudo access is also insecure. Just some food for thought.

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