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    @alfazaz said in Custom Pages Plugin after Upgrade:


    Works fine with version 1.10.1 ­čÖé

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    No i dont , i will check this solution

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    Thanks Julian.

    I was not too complicated but not having any data model made the process longer.
    I still have faced an issue with my converted users not been able to view the categories. I have manually addressed the issue by creating a "legacy" group, add the necessary group/priv to my categories and manually adding my users to the legacy group (fortunatly was having no more than 150 legacy users).
    I presume it has something to do with group association but haven't been able to figure out what exactly

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    To comment further after much mulling it over, the Extend > Widgets should have a specific entry for the maintenance mode page.

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    I start to make a child-template for persona.
    The modifications will be light as some style change, add widget zones for categories, etc.

    I also would like to use a svg as logo and i would like to respect the flexibility and the back office structure.

    As i begin, i would like to know, is it possible to add field into settings page from the template?
    For my example, i would like to add an additionnal upload field into the general settings page?
    One for the svg, the other one for the png fallback.

    Another idea, add a check box for a no index option?
    Maybe i have to creat a plugin, maybe it is an option in headers on the advance settings page (i don't understand what is it about?).

    Thank you in advance for any help.