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  • NodeBB for articles

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    Thanks, had a look at the Lavender theme but couldn't actually see it like articles.

    TBH, all in all, its a more informative topic list is what I need.
    Having more Teaser text and also enable in teaser text under the title would definitely make it look like list of articles.
    How can this be achieved..


  • NodeBB Assets - Object Storage

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    @phenomlab the postbuild script will only run when you execute ./nodebb build via npm run build as that has the logic to execute the postbuild step. The postbuild script should probably be modified to only sync the build/public folder after the initial sync. There should be no need to sync public with every build unless the version of nodebb changes. All new uploads would already be stored in the S3/R2 bucket by the s3 upload plugin.

    So a npm run build init for the initial sync that includes all static assets, and then just npm run build that only syncs the rebuilt assets such as templates , plugins etc.

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    @jiangcaiyang when I go to QT's forum I get redirected to https

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    Final update, it worked on the production server!! so now our forum is working properly sending emails the Linux way on a Windows Server OS, quite nice I would say, just as a side note our forum is actually really small in number of users, as it is an internal forum, so I can't assure this setup will work out to other forum's expectations or needs, also I would like to add that this shouldn't be the way to do it on Windows as it is kind of a weird way to handle it so in later versions it would be nice to see it reworked or polished for Windows environments (especially because it looks like the program used to simulate sendmail on Windows is no longer receiving maintenance).

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    @Ziggy glad you got it working 😃