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  • Hi!

    In French typography, the rule is to put a space before colons (we write « les suivantes : » instead of "following:”). Sadly, having a space before a colon will trigger emoji autocompletion.

    This is really annoying because we keep writing 💯 everywhere and having to delete it afterward. The key combination is “space”, “colon”, “enter” because you usually put colons before a quotation or a list…

    With emoji-extended, there was a panel to set the regex. I'm not sure if that's really useful. Maybe just a 2-5 seconds timer before showing the autocompletion box would be welcome. Or maybe don't insert any emoji if enter is pressed while not having interacted with the autocompletion box in any way. Or just an option in ACP to disable autocompletion…

    I had to disable the emoji plugin entirely for now.

    Thanks for any help!

    ping @PitaJ

  • A delay is definitely not going to happen, that sounds infuriating for anyone who actually wants the emoji to show up.

    My solution will be to make it so the emoji completion will not show up until a letter is typed. For instance, : won't trigger it, but :a will. That will make spaces not trigger it either. That'll also help prevent it from showing up while writing code.

    I've create an issue: https://github.com/NodeBB/nodebb-plugin-emoji/issues/12

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    @pitaj got it! Thank you

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    @PitaJ Updating to node 10 fixed the issue. Thanks

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    Thank you.

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    I'm having exactly the same problem.
    The solution of @yariplus does not help me, since then it generates an error when I login to the forum with Google, it tells me ops! an error has happened, our umpa loompas are working to fix it, and it won't let me login, the problem is that the forum is already in production