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    Makes sense. Please open an issue on our github.

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    It should work read-only (disallow javascript and 3rd party cookies prevents everything else).

    Node.js is just the server-side, it doesn't matter in this regard if the client disables javascript. But since NodeBB relies on javascript for login purposes, it's read-only then.

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    Yer I think your right here, I've done a hack for now but knowing quite well that will get over written on the next upgrade.

    And even tho this would normally be a minor concern for normal links, links to a another app on the site really need to be in a seperate tab.

    So I've had to hack that as well, so I need to get my head around writting some plug-ins and how they all work, I want to fork this one [nodebb-plugin-outside] and see what I can do with it as I think this would serve my purpose but I don't think it's working at the moment.

    Do you know if anyone has had any luck with getting any of the debuggers working?

    I learn faster by seeing what's going on under the hood.

  • Can't set up NodeBB

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    @lukelarris I run into the same issue in 14.04 server too. You need to install nodejs-legacy through apt and it's running well then 🙂

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    @julian It's in a container created by the plugin which also is meant to tie it to the forum container. I think you are right that it can't interpret the address correctly as I just tried a clean install but this time with mongodb and that plugin and had the exact same issue.