No package.json in the root folder anymore

  • Swedes

    Package.json is missing in the Root folder when checking out a fresh copy. I allways do a fresh install when updating and copy the settings and files.

    Is the new install instructions to copy package.json to the root and then run npm install --production ?

    We want the node_modules/ folder in the root right? Not in the install directory?

    My flow

    npm install --production

    What does the --production flag do? Never used it before!

  • Global Moderator

    git clone -b v1.7.x
    cp old_config.json nodebb/config.json
    cd nodebb
    ./nodebb upgrade

    ./nodebb automatically copies package.json and installs dependencies, so no need for npm install at all.

  • Swedes

    Ok, Thanks 🙂

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