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  • Struggling to make sense of some aspects of the notification system in NodeBB.

    As I understand it, "watching" means you see posts in the "Unread" section and also receive notifications (in the bell in the top right and via email if configured).

    "Not watching" means no notifications but the post appears in "Unread".

    "Ignoring" means no notification and nothing in "Unread".

    However, at category level we have the ability to set "Watching", but actually it's the equivalent of "Not watching", as far as I can tell.

    There's a plugin, nodebb-plugin-category-notifications, which adds a "Subscribe/Unsubscribe" button to categories and enables full notifications for all topics in the category, but unfortunately this seems to fight with the inbuilt notification system, so if people ignore a particular topic but are subscribed to the category, they still get notifications!

    Basically all I want is to be able to click at category level to truly "watch" every topic in that category (unread and notifications) but be able to ignore individual topics if I want to. There doesn't seem to be a clean way of doing this.

  • There is existing discussion about this here:

    You can voice your support for whatever option you see as best there.

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    @Ali-Hussain I'm doing something similar to this but with the borders. It would be easy to adapt this so that it sets the background instead.

    It's essentially jQuery doing the legwork, but works perfectly.

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    @PitaJ that's probably the most elegant way to handle it, thank you. I went ahead with forking the plugin and made it work that way, but I'll try your suggestion in a different branch. Cheers!

  • /api/search

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    new nodebb user here, running v1.16.1 locally with redis. I can't figure out how to use the search api, keep getting denied:

    using the /admin/settings/api token i get 401 "A valid login session was not found.": curl -v -H 'Authentication: Bearer 633d1f38-8576-4ce1-bd2c-c799a474b763' -H 'Authorization: Bearer 633d1f38-8576-4ce1-bd2c-c799a474b763' 'localhost:4567/api/search?term=restless&in=categories&uid=2' using the write-api token i get 403 forbidden 'You are not authorised to make this call": curl -v -H 'Authentication: Bearer 053b0157-04b4-4bfa-b502-211be5a61e7d' -H 'Authorization: Bearer 053b0157-04b4-4bfa-b502-211be5a61e7d' 'localhost:4567/api/search?term=restless&in=categories&uid=1'

    interestingly without the 'in=categories' it return 200 but no search results: curl -v -H 'Authentication: Bearer 053b0157-04b4-4bfa-b502-211be5a61e7d' -H 'Authorization: Bearer 053b0157-04b4-4bfa-b502-211be5a61e7d' 'localhost:4567/api/search?term=restless&uid=1'

    So what's the correct way to use the search api? and why does it require a token at all? Is it possible to open the search api for non authenticated users and then search just the public categories?

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    How to set privileges for any role to manage and edit the category

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    one more thing I found, at the Uploads section on the admin, I get the following error:

    Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, scandir '/public/uploads'

    although I do have that library, if I do

    ls public/

    while I am at the root of the forum, it does list the folder:

    503.html favicon.ico images js-enabled.css language less logo.png src uploads vendor