Slick Theme Bugging in 1.7.0

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    Finally i found a workaround : i overload the CMD but i need to reinstall plugins i use before run.

    It was indeed the named volume which is persistent, so it kept the old files.

    So the new docker-compose is like below (where user 1000 is the user on the Docker host who run NodeBB ). It does not use persistent volume for NodeBB but a simple bind of config.json, so everytime a new version is published, all files and directory will be recreated when pulled.

    For better performance i share static content with a named volume static with an nginx container.

    Note : it does not run setup, so usable for an existing installation.

    version: "3.3" services: redis: image: redis:alpine container_name: redis restart: unless-stopped volumes: - /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro - redis:/data networks: - web nodebb2: image: nodebb/docker:latest container_name: nodebb restart: unless-stopped user: 1000:1000 volumes: - /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro - /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock:ro - ./config.json:/usr/src/app/config.json:ro - static:/usr/src/app/public networks: - web depends_on: redis: condition: service_started command : > sh -c "npm i nodebb-plugin-calendar nodebb-plugin-category-notifications nodebb-plugin-custom-pages nodebb-plugin-desktop-notifications nodebb-plugin-gravatar nodebb-plugin-imgur nodebb-plugin-newsletter nodebb-plugin-night-mode nodebb-plugin-ns-embed nodebb-plugin-poll nodebb-plugin-question-and-answer nodebb-plugin-anti-spam-question nodebb-plugin-google-analytics nodebb-plugin-soundpack-default && node ./nodebb upgrade; node ./nodebb start" networks: web: name: web volumes: redis:

    Nginx container config

    version: '3' services: reverse-proxy: container_name: reverse-proxy hostname: reverse-proxy image: nginx:latest restart: unless-stopped ports: - 80:80 volumes: - conf:/etc/nginx - html:/usr/share/nginx/html - nodebb-static:/usr/share/nginx/html/nodebb_static - /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro environment: - NGINX_PORT=80 networks: - web networks: web: name: web volumes: conf: html: nodebb-static: external: name: nodebb_static
  • spawn ENOMEM: Memory leak in 1.19.1?

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    @PitaJ said in spawn ENOMEM: Memory leak in 1.19.1?:

    Does the memory usage grow quickly at first and then slow down approaching an asymptote?

    I believe so.

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    So after researching a little more I found my answer inside the plugin.json of the quickstart-plugin.

    "staticDirs": { "images": "./images" },

    Adding a staticDirs key inside the plugin.json like that adds the static dirs inside /assets/plugins/your-plugin-name/.

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    @julian sorry for being dumb, does that mean these steps?

    cd /path/to/nodebb-theme-mytheme npm link cd /path/to/nodebb npm link nodebb-theme-mytheme
  • Bug in privileges?

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    @baris said:

    Should be fixed on master as well.

    Yes, privileges to individual users work.
    (But not very well. It is necessary to update the page that the error does not take off.)

    But the guests still cannot create threads.
    (Given the fact that they are allowed to.)

    All other privileges to guests work.
    (find category, access & read, reply to Topics).

    Create Topics - no effect.