NodeBB v1.6.1 - Likeplugin does not work, Usergroups Badge not shown instantly

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  • NodeBB Assets - Object Storage

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    @phenomlab the postbuild script will only run when you execute ./nodebb build via npm run build as that has the logic to execute the postbuild step. The postbuild script should probably be modified to only sync the build/public folder after the initial sync. There should be no need to sync public with every build unless the version of nodebb changes. All new uploads would already be stored in the S3/R2 bucket by the s3 upload plugin.

    So a npm run build init for the initial sync that includes all static assets, and then just npm run build that only syncs the rebuilt assets such as templates , plugins etc.

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    You certainly can, but it's not easy to do, so we don't provide our own guide.

    Here's a StackExchange question that should help:

  • ./nodebb status

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    @Abhinov-Singh-0 I suggest learning about solving Linux permissions issues on your own.

    For now, I'm guessing you need to make it executable:

    chmod +x ./nodebb

    It may also be an issue with ownership, in which case you'd use chown.

    You can search for any of these topics and find hundreds of tutorials.

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    Your config looks fine, not sure why it is only reading from a single one.

    { find: "objects", filter: { _key: /user:/i, username: "admin" }

    This doesn't look like a query we do in core nodebb, do you have some plugins that run custom queries? This doesn't use the indexes properly should probably be

    { find: "objects", filter: { _key: /^user:\d+$/i, username: "admin" }

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    I'm having this exact same problem currently-- ./nodebb dev works fine, ./nodebb start does nothing and outputs nothing to the logs, and I've tried all the ./nodebb upgrade and ./nodebb build.