NodeBB Stopped Running - ./nodebb status always says not running

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  • Nodebb dont work

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    @PitaJ Yes i wrote in 2 post first of this.

    I installed version 1.1.0 but when im logged , the site was again freezed. For this i deleted dump.rdb from redis folder and i redid "./nodebb setup" to re-create the database. After i tried to re-create the bug, for this i uploaded the same "Image/Logo" and change "Site Title" . But no problems.
    Now seems work all perfecly.

    There is a urgent bug in 1.1.2 . I think that there is a bug in the database.
    I noticed that at the beginning , before of the bug in 1.1.2 , the cover of profile didn't worked, the users upload the image , but was invisible "all white". Worked only the avatar.
    In 1.1.0 this bug there isn't and at the beginning , the cover of profile worked.
    There is something broken in 1.1.2 .....

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    That is quite bizarre 😦

    Unfortunately I do not have experience with Apache, so unless you want to try nginx (which I think is kind of overkill of a solution), you'll have to see if anyone else can help...

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    Aside from building some pretty if/else blocks, is there any way to specify a distinct template for a particular forum or subforum?

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    @Mifczu That's not a problem, just a warning. Don't worry about it, lavender is compatible with NodeBB v0.7.0

  • Invalid data /

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    Just to put this issue to bed. I trashed the old forum. Installed new. New git clone... new database. Problem solved.