One Topic Doesn't Go to the End

  • This one is a bit weird. From what I can tell, it affects all users equally. But only one topic. If you go to this topic and try to go to the end (via going to last read point) it will never take you to the bottom, but always quite some distance from the bottom:

    But any other topic on the site if you go to "last read" it takes you to the actual bottom. This is a popular thread and it makes responding problematic. It has been doing this for weeks and we have gone through the 1.6.0 update and it is still doing it.


  • Admin

    Maybe the post count is out of sync with the actual value. You can try resetting it in the database.

    To get the actual post count run this query. db.objects.count({_key: "tid:1022:posts"}); Once you get the value run this to update the value in the topic hash. db.objects.update({_key: "topic:1022", {$set: {postcount: "<value_from_previous_query> + 1"}}); Notice the +1 for the main post of the topic.

    Let me know if that works.

  • Got it working. You had one bracket missing that we had to track down, but other than that, it works. Here is the command that we used...

    db.objects.update({_key: 'topic:1022' }, { $set: { 'postcount': 49156 }});


  • Admin

    @scottalanmiller Wow, that's quite the odd bug!

  • @julian said in One Topic Doesn't Go to the End:

    @scottalanmiller Wow, that's quite the odd bug!

    We get all the weird stuff 🙂


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