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  • Looks like your connection to NodeBB was lost, please wait while we try to reconnect.
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    I have made a fresh installation of NodeBB on Digitalocean with MongoDB and Nginx.

    I do not know what went wrong or where and how to fix problems

    Please me 🙂

  • Other than network issues, this will happen if the URL you are accessing the board through does not equal the URL in the /nodebb/config.json file.

    EG: you are accessing through the browser but the config.json file has you will get that message.

    In my nginx config, I have forwarded and to

    In my config.json file I have
    "url": ""
    "url": ""

    if you are using NGINX (like me)
    this way, no users will get that message because they are always redirected to my preferred URL.


  • Swap file ".config.json.swp" already exists!
    "config.json" 13L, 287C
    Using swap file ".config.json.swp"
    Original file "~/nodebb/config.json"
    E308: Warning: Original file may have been changed
    Recovery completed. Buffer contents equals file contents.
    You may want to delete the .swp file now.

    where do i find the config.json.swp??

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    @darwin when did this happen? That message isn't something that NodeBB did as far as I know.

  • its a fresh install of NodeBB. but when i try to open the config.json by "vim config.json" in terminal

  • after restarting NodeBB i was able to open config.json and make changes

    from config.json
    "url": "http://domain:4567",
    "secret": "cb38071a-dfdb-4f6b-8633-88e0b80260f2",
    "database": "mongo",
    "mongo": {
    "host": "",
    "port": "27017",

    But i still have problem "Looks like your connection to NodeBB was lost, please wait while we try to reconnect."

  • and after restarting NodeBB again it finally works... So Thanks Duke 🙂

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    @darwin said in Please wait while we try to reconnect.:

    Swap file ".config.json.swp" already exists!

    where do i find the config.json.swp??

    This is a recovery mechanism in vim, and has nothing to do with NodeBB. Basically it is a buffer created as you’re editing a file and if your connection is lost or some other error happens, you can recover edits made before you last saved the file.

    If this happens again, it’s a hidden file (note the ‘.’ at the beginning of the file name), use ls -a to see it.

  • @Darwin Unless you love VIM and want to learn it, try "Nano" it is installed by default and works the way most of us expect an editor to work 🙂

    While VIM is an excellent editor, it has it's own learning curve.

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