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  • How to change names of standard groups (administrator, global moderator)

  • This is not possible right now, although you can change the displayed badge title that appears next to user names.

  • @baris Will this become possible in the near future? If not, could you point me in a direction where I could tinker with the code or the database to make it possible? I realize it may not be that big of a deal to most people, but it really bugs me to see inconsistency with system group names that I can't modify and personally, I prefer to have them capitalized. Being able to modify the badge title isn't enough.

    Personally, I'm not down with "it's not possible" because I know it IS possible, it's just a matter of what efforts someone wants to go through to make it happen and this is something that I'm willing to put a bit of effort into if that's what's required.

  • IIRC, it would require a multitude of logic changes in NodeBB core.

  • @pitaj If that's true, my next question would be "why?" Is there a reason that the group names need to be hardcoded into the software? I mean, I get not being able to delete it and all, but I don't see a reason that they shouldn't be able to be renamed at the very least.

  • Regular groups can be renamed, its just the system groups that can't be renamed right now. The reason for that is the group name is the unique identifier right now. So when checking if a user is an administrators there is code like groups.isMember(uid, 'administrators', callback); To be able to freely change group names all the code needs to be refactored to use numeric ids instead of unique names.

  • @baris As someone who has more experience with the software than I do, how much effort do you think that would take? Also, this goes a bit outside the scope of the original thread, but what are the system groups for anyway? Does the software use these system groups in a specific way? I know there's a separate option to make someone an admin and give them access to the admin panel, but that appears to be separate from the group. As for the Global Moderators group, I don't even have any members in that group, so I'm thinking it can't be that important, can it?

    I guess my question is what do the system groups do that you can't do with regular groups? Are they system groups simply because the software relies on them internally in some way.

  • That's exactly it... they're system groups because they're relied upon internally and cannot be deleted or renamed.

    The admin interface uses groups in the backend. Global mods are empty by default but any members in that group are automatically mods in every category.

    That's all.

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