• I'm running a not-very-customized installation of NodeBB v1.5.1.

    For a while now, I've been getting multiple daily digest emails every day all around the same time:


    The process's log shows four messages every day, which matches what I've been seeing in my inbox. I've been able to find some reports of the same thing, but without any information about resolution.

    Does anyone have any insight into what might be causing the redundant triggering of daily jobs, or have an idea what I could look into to try to solve the problem? Thanks!

  • NodeBB Admin

    How are you starting nodebb? I assume you have 4 nodebb processes. Only one of them should be running the code to send the digests due to this code.


  • I'm running NodeBB using forever running app.js in the root directory of my nodebb folder. There's also only one process listed as running when I search: ps aux | grep 'nodebb'.

    Is it potentially a problem to start nodebb that way?

  • NodeBB Admin

    If there is only 1 nodebb process running there shouldn't be any reason why it would run multiple digests.

  • @neagle said in Multiple Digest Emails:

    running when I search: ps aux | grep 'nodebb'

    This won't detect all nodebb processes. Run ps aux | grep node instead.

  • @baris Okay: I'll focus on the possibility of multiple nodebb processes.

    @PitaJ: Gotcha. I'm glad I put exactly what I typed so that you could point out my error. I revisited the documentation and it looks like I'm not starting the app the way it's currently recommended (via nodebb start), so, without having insight into why running node app.js might be a problem, I'm giving that a shot.

    With that, the nodebb related output seems to be the same when grepping either 'node' or 'nodebb'... it shows processes for loader.js and app.js in the nodebb directory.

    Anyway--I'll see what happens with today's digest. Regardless, I appreciate everyone's help very much.

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