Apache + nginx SSL config for csrf token

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    Not really, no... It just means that you might have a running NodeBB instance you can't stop (short of running something like kill)

  • Invalid CSRF on dev install

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    Fixed 🙂

    I should have remembered that this database is from PROD, therefore, the cookie domain would need to be deleted. Issuing db.objects.update({_key: "config"}, {$set: {cookieDomain: ""}}); in the target DB under MongoDB, then restarting nodebb resolved the issue.

    Able to login 🙂

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    How do I debug ...

    Missing key in translation token "text"

    ... which appear in my logs multiple times?

  • Cloudflare, ssl ...

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    I just try to create a new forum for a gaming community... I love nodebb and it is so fast and easy to configure... sadly I‘ve got problems with cloudflare and ssl... as soon as i activate the cloudflare clouds , my nodebb looses connection... i cant imagine that i need to change something in my conf or Nginx configuration? It‘s the same url, same port.. and also the ssl certificate doesn’t work which is free on cloudflare... do i need to change something in my config files or activate my ssl in the Nginx files? I found a cloudflare tutorial here in the forum but it seems to be outdated, because later in the answers everybody wrote something like cloudflare works now with sockets so there’s nothing to change in the config files ... hope somebody knows what I need to do...

  • SSL cannot be enabled

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    @Fastidious Oh yes I just disable the notification plugin. I didn't know it makes this annoying alert on safari. Thanks !