NodeBB and ads - A never ending story (Part 2)

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    @hek I only asked him not to bump it every day. He can bump with lower frequency of he wants.

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    @hek ironically I sent a request for that already and was told to wait until the end of October. However, before I will pay 300$ on a plugin which allows me to load custom JS I rather throw the money away for a DB conversion to IPB.

    And as mentioned before. The issue is not only occuring with ads. It is related to ANY custom JS.
    If you think that this is not worth to investigate I can't help it. Why you even read the topic then?

    I do think I speak for all the webmasters when I say that we need to load custom stuff. No matter if it is CSS or JS and that we also need to have a proper possibility to monetize our sites with either a working plugin or a different method.

    Otherwise you can continue to host MC kiddies.

    I really do like NodeBB, but also am happy at the same time that I didn't applied it to all of my sites.

    And considering the fact that it wants to take a leadership in forum software by showing how functional it is, it also shows how "unprofessional" it is.

    Don't understand this as hate. But just think of the following use case. You want to run an enterprise forum and have to choose between traditional forum software or NodeBB. NodeBB seems to have all the features you need, but unfortunately it is not capable to deal with some of your custom code. So what will you do? But keep in mind that the other forum software would be extendable to have the same features as NodeBB within a few simple steps.

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    @AOKP said in NodeBB and ads - A never ending story (Part 2):

    before I will pay 300$ on a plugin

    I wouldn't mind contributing to this endeavor. Think of it as a crowd funded development effort. Would the NodeBB team be willing to allow for multiple financial contributors to this plugin? At some point I will need to monetize my forum and first attempting through ads sounds reasonable.

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    @rod I wouldn't pay to get this issue fixed. But if the team makes us a 100% compatible DFP plugin I would take the bill. I am not crying about money as an issue here.

    And a general note:
    There were no words about the price yet. But this was a "just in case".

    Me and @rod hooked together and tried a few NodeBB versions. What we say for sure now is that NodeBB is facing issues since 0.9.x to render ads synchronously, which means that 0.8.x is the only working version of NodeBB with full ad support.

    I personally think it is related to the js.js file, however no guarantee upon that.

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    Bumping this again.
    Seems like I am the only one who cares about a broken core feature.

    As said. It is not only DFP which has stopped working. Every JavaScript using document.write is affected (lets focus on this for now).

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    @AOKP I care also. I'd like a good way to add an advertising methodology to my forum.

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    DFP started to load again.

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    @AOKP So, what was the resolution? Please share...

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    @Esfandiar-Zolghadr203 unknown. It just started working again. However, as of master branch (3rd October) it is broken again.

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    Can you identify the last commit it works on?

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