• Is there a plugin to send an internal email to another user, without having so see or ask for their email address?

    Instead of CHat with, it'll be email user.

  • Hi @evoixmr ,

    Don't think it exists.

    For users that have public email selected in user>settings page, you could send and e-mail just using your email client directly, so the plugin would not have any sense in my opinion; and for the users who have their e-mail hidden, in my opinion again, the plugin should respect the user's choice and don't let anyone see/use their e-mail adress, so you should not be able to contact them via e-mail even with the plugin approach you are suggesting.

    That said you send a chat message to someone, they receive an email if they have selected the related option once again in user>settings page wich i even think can be selected as a default setting from the Administration Control Panel for all users to have by default.


  • Community Rep

    This could also be illegal in some countries unless you have a terms of service the user must opt-in to that explicitly mentions that the user agrees to receiving these types of e-mails.

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    bad idea

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