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  • Is there a plugin to send an internal email to another user, without having so see or ask for their email address?

    Instead of CHat with, it'll be email user.

  • Hi @evoixmr ,

    Don't think it exists.

    For users that have public email selected in user>settings page, you could send and e-mail just using your email client directly, so the plugin would not have any sense in my opinion; and for the users who have their e-mail hidden, in my opinion again, the plugin should respect the user's choice and don't let anyone see/use their e-mail adress, so you should not be able to contact them via e-mail even with the plugin approach you are suggesting.

    That said you send a chat message to someone, they receive an email if they have selected the related option once again in user>settings page wich i even think can be selected as a default setting from the Administration Control Panel for all users to have by default.


  • This could also be illegal in some countries unless you have a terms of service the user must opt-in to that explicitly mentions that the user agrees to receiving these types of e-mails.

  • bad idea

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    As mentioned prior, you can use the privileges to restrict access to the topic.

    but I'm not entirely sure how this works.

    If a spider is detected (not a 100% guarantee, by the way), then they are either allowed or denied access to the topic based on how your privileges are set up.

    For example, if you grant spiders "access-topic" privilege, but do not grant "registered-users" that privilege, then web crawlers will be able to access the topic and crawl it, but regular users will not. The groups are mutually exclusive.

    On one hand, I'm thinking that allowing spiders to access all content could potentially boost my site's search engine rankings. On the other hand, I'd like to keep one or two paragraphs hidden from spiders, so that only verified users can view them.

    That's harder, you'd want to use a custom plugin to restrict the post content if a spider is detected. Doable, just not available right here right now.

    There are plugin hooks that are fired when a post is rendered, and you can probably check caller.uid or req.isSpider (depending on what is passed in) to see whether it is a spider or not. A uid of -1 is a spider as determined by the library we use.

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    Fantastic. Thanks so much @phenomlab 🙂

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    So, I managed to get it working. Just coming here to post what works for me if anyone have the same issue. I try to scape double quotes, stringify, etc.

    I had to "unfold (?)" the admin object and then all start working:

    { "url": "${URL}", "port": "${PORT}", "admin":{ "username": "${ADMIN_USERNAME}", "email": "${ADMIN_EMAIL}", "password": "${ADMIN_PASSWORD}", "password:confirm": "${ADMIN_PASSWORD}" }, "database": "${DB_VENDOR}", "${DB_VENDOR}": { "host": "${DB_HOST}", "port": "${DB_PORT}", "username": "${DB_USER}", "password": "${DB_PASSWORD}", "database": "${DB_NAME}", "ssl": "${DB_SSL}" } }
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    It is a standard widget that comes with nodebb, you will need to run latest master though or wait for the next release.

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    It worked ! Thanks a lot 👍