Unable to generate backup codes for Two Factor authentication here on NodeBB

  • I enabled two factor authentication here on community.nodebb.org. The association to my 2FA app works fine but I am unable to create backup codes. I tried with Authy, FreeOTP and Google Authenticator.

    Is this a known bug with the current NodeBB and Two-Factor plugin?

  • I have re-tested this and do believe there is a problem with the current version of NodeBB and the 2FA plugin.

    Here on community.nodebb.org I am unable to generate backup 2FA codes. When I test this on my v1.0.2 NodeBB forum I am able to create 2FA codes. It seems that the problem is not dependent upon which 2FA app I use.

    Would someone else who is using two factor authentication on this site please generate (or re-generate) their backup codes and see if after pressing the button to have them created they actually display on the screen. For me I press the button, my notification bell alerts but no codes are displayed to be copied.

    Thank you.

  • Community Rep

    I can confirm. I tried generating codes for this community and got an alert, but no codes were shown and the notification just links to the homepage. I also tried on the v1.1.2 (SHA fdd85140587799a442edb9f3ca1b8ecaf4ea0bb9) and I wouldn't even get a notification @julian

  • Admin

    Hey guys, this should actually be resolved, but just not updated on this forum. Can you try on your own dev?

  • Community Rep

    Seems to be working again! What was the issue?

  • Admin

    Just a breaking change in NodeBB core, it looks like :smile:


  • Community Rep

    @julian Not sure if related, but 2FA isn't working again for whatever version community.nodebb is running right now, I just tried to disable 2FA and nothing happens (Trying to port over my codes to a new device)

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