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    @julian unfortunately I will be using the support plugin in the same category because I only want the people to see their own topics and have access to reply to our responses

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    Hi, I have following:
    "hook": "filter:config.get",
    "method": "configGet"

    My purpose is to use my own sort method for sorting topics in a category, automatically modifying visible "Sort By" html element with a special sorting method that I implemented, and make it selected automatically.

    I tried many hooks but "filter:config.get" was only one that is called before rendering or sending anything to client side. Other hooks such as "filter:categories.buildTopicsSortedSet", "filter:categories.getSortedSetRangeDirection","filter:category.topics.prepare", they all didn't work.

    For example, if I changed like following in a method for "filter:categories.buildTopicsSortedSet":
    data.settings.categoryTopicSort = 'most_myown';
    but in client side, it only shows the previous value of "data.settings.categoryTopicSort", not the value "most_myown".

    So I had to use "filter:config.get" because changing config there actually reflects to client side.

    To implement it, I first need to check information about category that the user just entered, and append it to config, and send it to client. They are supposed to be done in "configGet" method, which you see above. But I do not know how to get information about category that the user is in. I need to know about category info because my own sorting will only work for certain categories.

    Thank you very much.

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    @yariplus I meant a place to chat and get help, not install it as a plugin on my forum 😛

    Also, I can't find a way to hook into click events on the button. Tried searching through other plugins but I didn't find anything that would demonstrate this. I did see some of the base plugins using action:controller.method syntax but these don't seem to get triggered automatically?

    Sorry for being a bit of a pain but the docs are a bit scarce, and while I'm OK with JavaScript in general my NodeJS knowledge is... lacking, at best, so poking around the source is not something that's very effective in my case.

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    Is there any "clean" way to add input field in group manage panel in ACP?
    Some hook, or function?

    Thanks in advance.

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    @psychobunny ok 😉

    Let's extend themes with widgets · Issue #3777 · NodeBB/NodeBB

    I have started to check if it good approach at all - My main point, for users, if you give them ability to add something via plugins, they should not edit directly templates. I...


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