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    Hello everybody,

    I'm a junior web developer and for a project (a React App), I wanted to add a NodeBB forum inside it,

    Is it possible ? I saw this article in Medium (, but the guy doesn't explain at all how he managed to install NodeBB inside a React App,

    Does someone have an idea?


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    We at NodeBB want to encourage others to take advantage of the fact that it's open source. We offer premium services for brand name corporate clients, and I'll be the first to admit that our pricing may not be at the right point for smaller companies...

    All that said, we know you've created multiple accounts to disguise the fact that you were as recently as a few days ago asking for help setting up NodeBB.

    If you had just used the same account, it would be acceptable: there's no rules against that!

    I'm sorry but it just sounds dishonest and it's within our rights to point it out to would-be purchasers of your service.

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    Thanks for your reply!
    I figured as I am aware of the diferences, but worth to ask as from my perspective meteor is easier to develop with.
    I am new to NodeBB, and my opinion is that it is an amazing piece of software and the developers did an amazing job.
    It has it all as a skeleton for bigger and better apps (from my perspective) and it is sad that is made just as a forum.
    I am learning now how to extend the nodebb functionality.

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    Sadly, your solution does not work in my case 😔.
    It's kinda weird indeed - works flawlessly on Chrome, spams errors on Safari.
    I'm really starting to think it's Safari's bug...

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    I'm sure @psychobunny would love that. It was his idea entirely 😄