2 users with the same name

  • @baris said in 2 users with the same name:

    That's weird, as you mentioned you can't normally create users with the same username. Are you getting the error message when you try to create another user with the same name?

    You can also delete the duplicate user account from the ACP (/admin/manage/users/latest) it shows the user id and post count so it is easier to find which one to delete.

    Yes, I get an error when I try. Seems like it's only with that 'eend' account.

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    I've got the same issue on my local installation. It is not on the "in-production" forum.
    alt text
    This was already the case in v1.1.0, and is still the case after updating in v1.1.2 (I skipped v1.1.1 and v1.1.0 was a fresh installation)

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    @JasperNL so it's a display glitch, that user doesn't actually exist?

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    @PitaJ Both do redirect to the same page, and it displays the profile picture of the right one

  • @PitaJ They both exist, but because the system doesn't generate a link using the ID it's going to display the first result of a query on that name when trying to look at the profile, which would be the original profile.

    That's likely also the cause of the error when deleting - it's unlikely there is any allowance for processing such a request when queying the DB returns multiple results.

    The solution is going to be to remove the second user from mongo or redis manually because there's no allowance in NodeBB for dealing with this situation (since it was never supposed to occur). I'm not familiar enough with either to provide a safe command to use, but several of you are. Essentially he just wants to delete an entire user entry based on a specific user number. If one of you could provide the steps for that process I'm sure it will resolve the issue.

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    If you select the dupe user in the admin page and delete it it will work we use the user id to delete.

  • I misread the conversation. I thought attempting to delete the account was throwing an error, but I think he was agreeing that attempting to create a duplicate account manually was causing an error.😫

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    @baris said in 2 users with the same name:

    If you select the dupe user in the admin page and delete it it will work we use the user id to delete.

    i´m interested on the way to do it with mongodb command
    i have similar problem, if i download user csv list we have 2 users listed as
    and not able to delete on admin zone
    also that id=0 breaks some plugins eventually

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    @mj said in 2 users with the same name:

    w account with a username that is already c

    Same thing is happening on our forum. Looking forward to expect a fix ?

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    @faizanzahid please start a new topic for this issue, thanks!

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