Why are there two types of Groups in NodeBB?

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  • In our NodeBB set up there are two types of groups:

    1. Settings > Group (in our case these are Guests and Registered-user for example)
    2. Manage menu > Groups (in our case these are Ambassadors and Administrators for example)

    So when I add a private category for a group, I can only manage the first type of group but not the latter that interests me the most.

    For example, I wish I could have a private category for Ambassadors. As we have a group of over 100 volunteers and I'll have to add them manually already once to the second type of group, I wish I didn't have to repeat that process to add them to the private category.

    Is there a way to avoid that process?

    Also why are the two groups name similarly when they are two different things?

  • There are system groups and user groups, but both can be added to the category privileges list. In the category privleges page, there should be a button called Add Group, is this button not there?

  • If I wanted a private category for my user group Ponies, the page would look like this.

    Everyone in the group Ponies will be able to access the category, but no one else.

    Except administrators, they always have access to everything, no matter what.

  • @yariplus Thanks this is super helpful. What are the system group meant for? 😃

  • system groups are automatically assigned, or have special privileges that can't be achieved with "normal" groups
    the first two can't be given manually

    guest - as the name says, everyone who is not logged in
    registered-users - everyone who is logged in
    administrators - has access to the admin control panel

    and this one is pretty new
    Global Moderators - has moderate access for all categories without having to set it for each category

  • @phit thanks a lot! 😃

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