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    Switch to persona and see if it's rendering, if it is working fine there you might have a syntax error in your template that is causing templates.js to lock up.

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    I solved it, so for those get stuck here , we have to add Custom routes for ajaxifying and also mention which template to use.

    to solve that add custom mapping to the file


    like this

    "^route/.*": "Template to use without .tpl at the end", "^route/.*/add": "template"
  • Pagination

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    I don't see page numbers at the bottom, i think that's weird ? I don't understand because in my previous installation everything goes well and I use the same parameters

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    I did it, but didn't change a thing.

    Then, it magicaly appears yesterday.

    Thanks anyway ^_^

  • Ajaxify

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    Hey @RefinedSoftware, @caske33,

    There's an ongoing issue right now with plugins not being "ajaxified" in the admin panel. "Ajaxifying" is our pet name for our shorthand method that loads pages in NodeBB (since it is a one-page application, it doesn't truly do a page reload when you click links).

    Give it a try, if you'd like:

    Open up your console (hit F12), and navigate to the console tab, if it is not open already Type in ajaxify.go('users/online') ;

    Also, it looks like I found a bug with the Skype Emoji -- darnit.