Some users not receiving P/W recovery emails

  • We're having an issue where some users will not receive their p/w recovery emails. We have used two different email providers and we still have the same issue. Currently we are using MailGun as the provider. Using the Emailer (Local) Smtp SSL. Any ideas what may cause this?

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    @torn2 check to make sure the users have their correct email addresses on their account.

  • @pichalite Yea, they do. I have my one of my own test email accounts that will not receive the email.

  • Admin

    If you check MailGun, is the email found in the log? If so, then it was sent by NodeBB and possibly the issue lies somewhere between MailGun and the end-user email account (flagged as spam? etc...)

  • @julian I am seeing this in the Node log:

    19/7 05:13 [11187] - error: /register
    invalid csrf token

    Is this an issue?

  • Admin

    Not really, those happen if you try to process a registration or login with a used csrf token (csrf tokens are lost if the server restarts, by the way).

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