End user documentation?

  • I installed NodeBB for a client and they are asking me lots of questions about How to use NodeBB as a user, and how to adjust profile settings, notification settings.

    Is there any end-user documentation anywhere?

  • Swedes

    Yeah, a user manual would be good for standard users :) It would be easier to sell in NodeBB as a platform :P

  • Admin

    @codecowboy said in End user documentation?:

    I installed NodeBB for a client

    Congrats! Where do I send the invoice :wink:

    Seriously, though, we don't have end-user documentation, and that is something that we should have. It is going to be a part of our upcoming effort to address deficiencies in our documentation overall (as our admin guide does need work as well).

  • Whenever I develop something for a client I send a video of how to use the product. Much more effective and personal than a page of notes.

  • Swedes

    Another solution is to get payed for helping the customer to learn howto use Nodebb :P

  • Thanks for the replies. I would say that I will write the end user documentation but experience tells me that this will never happen :(

    I also dont think I would be able to create a video for every single admin option, user-interface button etc.

    Would this be something the community could do? i.e create a list of all features and people could commit to documenting / recording one feature? We would need to standardise on the recording process.

  • Admin

    @codecowboy @ccdw
    A community-centric documentation or video series would be amazing!

    We just need someone to champion the effort :smile:

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    @julian community-centric video series...

    Imagine different voices explaining what different buttons do on a page :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Admin

    Perhaps we'll aim lower and shoot for end-user text documentation :laughing:

  • Throw it up on github and let's get started! I would happily contribue! :dancer:

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