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  • I'm trying to make some high-level decisions for a plugin I want to create. The basic function of the plugin is to take content from an existing database, and present content items as new discussions, where the content itself is the initial post, and replies become a discussion of the content. My question is - will it be possible to query and display this content in NodeBB from a separate database, or should I plan on storing the content in prefixed tables in the NodeBB database?

    I'm new to the MEAN stack and I really don't understand the differences in a database like Mongo so maybe my question is not even framed correctly. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    You can interface with other databases from within a NodeBB plugin. It is just node, of course, no sandboxing or anything. You can do whatever you can do with node from a NodeBB plugin.

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    @Ditchmonkey What type of database do you previously maintained? 😺

  • @jiangcaiyang MySQL. I guess I need to read some articles on how MongoDB is different to get started on this.

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