NodeBB forms - Howto?

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  • Today i have a PHP file and html with the custom-pages plugin to solve the a standard mailform in the forum. What is the correct html / javscript to write if i want to use Nodebbs mail function to send mails? Or do i need some sort of plugin?

    With v1.0.3 the mail through google works great for nodebb internal stuff. Good ideas?

    To clearify: I want to have a form were i can design and customize input fields on a custom page. So i can remove php completely!

  • NodeBB is written in Node.js, not in PHP. How do you execute the PHP code?

  • NodeBB runs on nodejs, but you can run php as well depending on your server setup (nginx/apache).

    Regardless, I don't think there is any api for sending emails through the forum, you would have to write a plugin.

    1. Yes, my server handels both nodejs and php as @yariplus said 🙂
    2. Is the plugin option the only option. No hacks? It would be nice if i could use nobeBB core todo this.!
    3. This cant be a feature that is unique to med. Mailforms is pretty standard on webpages and has been for many years. Any plugin that i should know about. My nodejs coding skills is not that good 😞 php-dev here 😛

    Note: The mail form I speak about is located on my frontpage at (Page bottom!)

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