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    my nodebb forum (1.0.3) runs on a debian 7 server. There is also a postfix instance listening to port 25. I can´t recall but I´ve read somewhere that for a local transport nodebb uses sendmail. However, this doesn´t work, mails do not get delivered. Only after installing the nodebb-plugin-emailer-local mail gets correctly delivered.
    Is this plugin mandatory for delivering mails locally? Thank you

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    No, but I recommend a plugin, I've had many issues with sendmail.

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    @yariplus Which kind of issues did you have? Only with the setup? With sendmail or postfix?
    I'm quite interested since I just set-up mine with plain postfix without NodeBB plugin and it's working fine for me.

    @mechanix "This doesn't work, mails do not get delivered" is a bit imprecise. Are the logs (systemctl status postfix -l as root) showing anything relevant?

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    @frissdiegurke Specifically, I had issues with large email providers denying delivery. Especially Google, I could not get Google to accept any email whatsoever, until I started using an email plugin.

  • @yariplus I have found that piece of information:

    Postfix is working great. A test mail from the CLI echo "Test mail" | sendmail -i -f is delivered. However, when deactivating the nodebb-plugin-emailer-local i see no delivery attempts in the logfiles.
    Sendmail MTA is installed :

    root@forum:~# which sendmail

    Any clues?

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    @mechanix Are you trying this with the same user that runs your forum? root doesn't sound well for that. And if you're running your forum as non-root you probably have to follow the advice within your linked post and symlink it into a non-super-user binaries directory.

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    @yariplus good to hear it's just that :) seriously I give a *** about services that block emails from non-trusted entities just because of that. E-Mail is a decentralized system therefor anybody can set-up his server; If google is not respecting this, I don't care about them.

  • @frissdiegurke No no, root was actualy that user I was sudo in. The forum runs as a non privilged user. I created that symbolic link but mails aren´ t sent. :(

    Sending mails from the cli with the user www-data works also.

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