Reorder Social Login Icons on Login Page

  • What is the method to change the displayed order of the social login icons on the login page?

    Thank you.

  • Admin

    	name: 'facebook',
    	url: '/auth/facebook',
    	callbackURL: '/auth/facebook/callback',
    	icon: constants.admin.icon,
    	scope: 'email, user_friends'

    Right now you push the items into the stack. You can unshift instead, or put them in a specific spot in the array. If you're talking about re-ordering existing SSO apps without modifying code, then there isn't a way at this point in time :frowning:

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    @rod @julian yes you can change the order

    ACP -> Extend -> Plugins.... click on "Order Active Plugins" and order the social login plugins in the order you want... click save and reload/restart nodebb and see the magic work :smile:

  • @pichalite Thank you, that worked well. So neat that just changing the order on the plugin page effects how things are displayed within the forum.

    Now the Facebook "f" is before the Google "G+"!

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    @rod yeah as @julian said... they are pushed to a stack. so, by reordering the plugins... they go into the stack in the order you want.

  • Admin

    :laughing: @pichalite Thanks for the quick save :smile:

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