Disable/Remove "There are no topics in this category."

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  • On our test forum we have a top level category with 3 sub categories. The top level category is just a title to hold the sub categories. We don't want users to be able to post in there.

    I set the privileges so guests can't create or reply to topics in that category but the message is still there

    "There are no topics in this category.
    Why don't you try posting one?

    How do I get that not to show up? Is a template hack the only way?

  • The page should have it's own CSS class in the body tag with it's category id, I would use that to hide that stuff. Using Appearance=>Custom CSS

    .page-category-11 #content > .category > hr {
        display: none;
    .page-category-11 #content > .category > p {
        display: none;
    .page-category-11 #category-no-topics {
        display: none;

    @julian Another request for cosmetic category groups.

  • Thanks @yariplus 😄 will take it under advisement.

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