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    Did you set the username field of all users to an email in the database? If that's the case and the old username isn't stored anywhere you can't bring it back. If you are just using a hook to set username to email then you can disable that code and username should go back to normal.

    The displayname property is calculated from user.fullname and user.username based on the user setting show my fullname and if they have entered a fullname in their edit profile page.

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    Is it possible to create a link that, when clicked, will open the post and be liked immediately?

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    Thanks it works

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    Yes, Nginx and HHVM are running (this last one in socket mode) and I explicitly commented the line in the config for the server port. Error log files for Nginx and HHVM are empty.

    It returns a 502 bad gateway when I visit a file ending in .php or .hh, EVEN if it doesn't exist.

    I have followed the SAME tutorial here: (Linux Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS) and service hhvm status and service nginx status are up, loaded, running. HHVM works in CLI as php command and even returns the version HipHop if I add the -v parameter.

    PHP-FPM is NOT installed.

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    You can hide composer (red button with +) and chat (user avatar as a button) windows by clicking on their respective buttons in the bottom right corner of the screen. Click again to show window and see your own content.

    Try to browse forums when composer is opened. This is one more possible action to do.