Strange User Profile Link Inconsistencies...

  • I just noticed that "mentions" in the "Recent Posts" widget are pointing to the wrong destination.

    They SHOULD be pointing to "site_base_url/user/id" but instead point to "config_base_host/user/id".

    In the example I discovered, it's pointing to http://localhost:4567/user/jason-c when it should be pointing to"

    This is the only case I've found of this so far. Any ideas regarding this behaviour?


    • I should mention that I'm using a reverse proxy to push localhost:4567 to on port 80. Everything works perfectly, but I suspect it's using the wrong variable to create the link in this case and is using the base config rather than the site's base URL as defined in my settings.

  • @Jason-Neal what do you have for "url" in config.json?

  • It's localhost:4567 and I'm using a reverse proxy to point traffic from port 80 there. It's not an issue anywhere else in the site, it's only an issue with the "mentions".

  • @Jason-Neal NodeBB core and plugins don't read site url from your proxy server, they get it from config.json. All links to routes in NodeBB use relative path so it won't be an issue there. you will see this in mentions, emails sent from NodeBB etc.

    Change the "url" in config.json to

  • @Jason-Neal @pichalite is correct, you'll need to change the url value to represent the publicly accessible URL for your forum.

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