Lost in subdomains !

  • Hi, if my forum is forum.domain.com and another application is app.domain.com (same domain) is there a way to read express.sid set by nodebb from app.domain.com ? thank you.

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    There is no simple way of doing this. Nor is it recommended to do so.

    Let me assume you asked for a simple way of session-sharing (e.g. for shared login), then I'd refer to this plugin.

  • Yes the question is about session sharing. I want users logged in nodebb and reuse session in the other app. NodeBB as identity provider. Is nodebb-plugin-session-sharing intended for this purpose ?
    In ACP > settings > advanced what does 'Set domain for session cookie' mean if we set '.domain.com' (with dot) ?

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    Sorry, I've missed that option. Seems like it does just what you asked for (didn't test, just looked into source code).

    EDIT: Yes, the dot is needed to allow subdomains (like your forum) to read the cookie.

  • I don't understand, I've put .domain.com in that field (restart nodebb) but in chrome debug the cookie domain is still subdomaion.domain.com and my app does not access cookie ?

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    @Tristan Since the sessions are stored within the database, you'll have to remove them (either within your browser or the database) in order to force a new cookie. This will require a new login of course.

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    @Tristan -- from the user settings page, you can revoke active sessions. I would just clear all cookies from your existing domain and refresh. That will cause a new cookie to be generated.

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    It seems you cannot revoke the active session from user settings.

    Here are the commands to database-wise revoke all active sessions:

    redisdb: redis-cli KEYS sess:* | xargs redis-cli DEL
    mongodb (interactive mode): db.sessions.remove({})

  • I remove all sessions with db.sessions.remove({}) but now i can't logged in (403 Forbidden) also when i restart nodebb ?? but cookie domain was .domain.com now ;) one step forward, one step backward.
    Edit : loggin with Firefox works but not with chrome.
    ReEdit : sorry clear cache solve it. So now i have the same cookie (.domain.com) in chrome debugger at forum.domain.com and app.domain.com. Thank you very much.

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