• A bot for discord that integrates with NodeBB and gives notifications of new posts.

    Their are 2 hooks you can use to build plugins on top of this for custom commands

    I plan to add more functionality such as users being able to add their discord usernames to nodebb up voting and replying to posts from discord.

  • Hey, this looks cool.

    However, I'm curious, in what ways is this better then RoboNitori with the new posts RSS feed?

  • @Arc right now not a lot the eventual plan is to expose hooks so that you can build your own plugins on it to create commands such as @bot link last killmaill.

    Along with add more functionality like be able to say in discord @bot upvote that or @bot repply to last post "thats awesome how did you do it" and it would post or up vote using your nodebb account.

  • Hmm very interesting. He I'm not sure if you have python experience but I think you might like this. https://github.com/Twentysix26/Red-DiscordBot

  • I'm helping Lewis with this, and we had the idea that we would like to see Discord and NodeBB feel more seamless of an experience when it comes for our users (gamers).

    We found that we have moved away from SMF forums as a community center and using Discord for almost every use case, however Discord lacks in the ability to easily find and organize information that you want to be persistent, and this is where forums like NodeBB excel. The idea is to bring Discord and our forum software closer together so that our community can have a healthy interplay between the two.

    This may potentially go beyond just Discord and NodeBB interaction, but also being a central hub to allow other kinds of scripts to happen with other APIs that we want to communicate with both the forum software and Discord simultaneously. This obviously opens the door to all kinds of creative uses, and with Lewis' excellent work and attempts to open up plugins to play with other plugins, hopefully make it an easily extendable way for others to use the bot for their own needs.

    I will be working on a Theme for our community site as well that caters to our sense of style and a skin or two to go with it. So, expect to see a little more from the two of us.

  • A nice note is that Discord released there official API, might be worth taking a look at πŸ˜‰ https://discordapp.com/developers

  • Yup! Hoping to see the library we are using get updated with the official APIs, rather than the "shake and bake" community created one we were using.

    Very exciting.

  • This seems to be broken in the latest NodeBB. I'm having issues with it freezing up on a post & posting a blank post with no content. Author seems to have removed github. Are you no longer maintaining this @lewismcmahon?

  • @L33t repository still exists on github. npm package has an invalid github link.


  • Ahh. Gotcha. Thanks for that. I'll submit an issue.

  • @lewismcmahon Does this still function? I am looking into deploying it on my forums.

  • Hi guys with the release of discords proper API this plugin needs a rewrite if anyone wants to work on it with me message me on GitHub.

  • I would like to continue development of this or start a new plugin for it if you are unavailable. I've written several bots for Discord but always using C# and Discord.Net API.

  • @SnakeTheRipper said in Discord Bot:

    I would like to continue development of this or start a new plugin for it if you are unavailable. I've written several bots for Discord but always using C# and Discord.Net API.

    Have you had a chance to do this yet?

  • Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but is this being worked on? I'd love to have an integration between Discord and NodeBB.

  • δΈ­ζ–‡ ζ΅‹θ―•discord bot

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