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  • I have a NobeBB install that is primarily in English, but have some people in China who'd like to use it. I've explained the ability to change to their own language in settings, but ideally I'd also provide localised version of the category names? Is there a way for me to provide the alternative in a specific language for the categories so only those who have changed to Chinese can see it? Or should I be looking to setup a seperate section for them?

  • I just tried, and translation strings do work as category names, with just a few minor problems.

    So, you would make a new file in public/language/yourlang/ e.g. categories.json for each language.

    Then, add the translation strings to each file:

      "categoryname": "Translated Title",
      "categoryname2": "Translated Title 2"

    Then name the category as such: (without the leading space :))

    [[ categories:categoryname]]

    and Save.

    The admin panel will display the string translated to the your language, but the actual page will display the string translated to the users' language.

  • @yariplus I have a dejavu xD

    @Richard-Giles It's [[ categories:categoryname]] (without leading space) for the category name when following the steps of @yariplus

    And to keep a reference gh#4361

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