[Request/PR] Expose REST-API functionality inside websocket connection

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    The REST API is great, but there's no analog for it in the websocket connection used by NodeBB.

    I have an application i'm working on that I would like to expose these functions in the websocket as well. This would allow me to avoid having to shuffle multiple cookiejars around my application as the multiple users that the application connects as perform their various tasks.

    I have a PR prepared that adds in the basic read functionality of the RestAPI to the websocket connection, and i have plans to add the remaining endpoints of the REST API in the near future.

    .... Am I doing this right? It's my first time trying to contribute to this project.... :nervous:

  • NodeBB

    I'll comment on the PR

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    Many Thanks! this will make my application much simpler and more robust.

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