Display Full name instead of Username?

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    Is it possible to show the Full name instead of Username if the user has entered a Full name?

    I'm asking because I'm using the Write API to create users and is supplying a made up username in the registration process. Later I'm using the shared sessions plugin to login the user.

    However, I want the user to be able to change the screen name since the Username is made up and not very pretty. I have disabled Change username since I can't sync these changes back to my main site where I set the JWT cookie required for shared sessions plugin to work.

    Is it possible without changing a lot of lines in the .tpl files?


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    @ludberg In the persona theme I think user profile is the only place a user's full name is displayed if it's available.

    What other places do you want it to display?

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    @ludberg I asked a similar question a while back (to display fullname (when available) instead of username on the posts):


    Not sure if that is what you are after or not 🙂

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    The safest way is probably changing template use of username to first name and last name.

    You could also hook into the user build event and change the output data that way, which would change it across the board, but I don't actually know what would happen... for the most part, actions are run against the user slug, so you'd probably be ok.

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