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    yea, I was thinking of an upload icon on the topic composer, that toggles a field to paste url and a button to upload from file system, then add that url as a property on the topic. The setting in the ACP can be arranged as well. Also, each topic, if it doesn't have a thumbnail, it will fall back gracefully in the templates and styling.

  • @psychobunny said:

    Was wondering how you intend on implementing this. How does the user select an image from the composer? Or are you taking the first image that the user uploaded and using that. You'll probably need an option switch this ability on/off from the ACP as well

    It would take the first image the user uploaded from the composer and use that. ^_^

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    @psychobunny said:

    me: "@julian @baris what do you think of this?"
    no response for 5 minutes
    me: "okay np already committed and pushed to live"

    hahaha, i can imagine.

  • NodeBB Admin

    Yeah if it's a setting in ACP that enables the feature then its fine to be in core. And the templates can just do

    <!-- IF topicThumbnailsEnabled -->
    <img src="{topic.thumbnail}">
    <!-- ENDIF topicThumbnailsEnabled -->
     //rest of category.tpl
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    sweet .

  • I like it. Im wondering how you see it working for the end user. Would you type an image url into the subject line? Could it pick up the first image in the body? I keep thinking about how facebook does it for almost any kind of media, and all the end user sees is one text box. I like tumblr's method of creating a different layout depending on the type of media but one of the strengths of nodebb is how user friendly it is. You just type what you want to type and nodebb figures out the formatting.

  • Is this feature somehow possible ( and planned ? )
    Would be really nice.

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    it's done long time ago, but you have to enable it, it's not enabled by default.

    It's been a while since anyone tested it, maybe the elements were removed from the default theme

    but go ahead, we'll fix it if it's broken.

    Go to
    Admin Control Panel > Settings > Post > and check "Allow users to upload topic thumbnails"

    Then when you attempt to create a new topic, you should see an "image" link at the right of the topic title.

  • @bentael Ah, ok i found it. The Theme does not support it as you expected ;).
    But it is not what i was searching for. I don't want that people to upload Images. I want them to select a image from a list which i can configure for the forum (like thumps up/down or what ever.). You find this functionality on nearly ever forum software around.

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    oh then that a different feature 馃槢
    create a new topic in the features request category, explain what you're looking in detail.

  • @Technowix said:


    It was never implemented beyond replacing the avatar on the topics page, so, it's not really broken. What you're looking for is a Topic Icon. Not a Thumbnail. They're slightly different.

    Topic Thumbnail is an image that preceeds a topic. Similar to how Reddit shows images on /r/all etc.

    What you're after isn't in NodeBB yet, and if it was, I'd rather it were a plugin, I had similar functionality on SMF, and I hated it. Waste of Real Estate just for a thumbs up icon. Doesn't necessarily reflect what's in the actual topic. 馃憤 Imo, of course.

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    but I still think we should fix the Topic Thumbnail for the default theme, since this option shows up in the Admin panel, but does not really work when you enable it, so it's confusing.

  • @bentael Does it not replace the users avatar anymore then? It used to...

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    if the options is enabled, and if an image is available for a certain topic, it will replace the user's avatar, if not, fallsback to the use the user's avatar

  • doesnt work on persona , version 0.7.1

  • @kps What version of persona are you on? You need persona v1.0.21 for topic thumbnails to work.

  • @pichalite said:

    @kps What version of persona are you on? You need persona v1.0.21 for topic thumbnails to work.


  • When uploading images in topic thumbnail

    Also can't we have tooltip on each of the editor buttons, its difficult to udnerstand which button does what !

    9/8 08:16 [25891] - error: Error: Unknown arguments configuration,100,100
    at Error (<anonymous>)
    at Object.cover (/root/NodeBB-0.7.1/node_modules/lwip/node_modules/decree/dist/cjs/decree.js:80:27)
    at Batch.cover (/root/NodeBB-0.7.1/node_modules/lwip/lib/BatchPrototypeInit.js:99:16)
    at /root/NodeBB-0.7.1/src/image.js:22:6
    at /root/NodeBB-0.7.1/node_modules/lwip/lib/obtain.js:32:25
    Error: Unknown arguments configuration,100,100
    at Error (<anonymous>)
    at Object.cover (/root/NodeBB-0.7.1/node_modules/lwip/node_modules/decree/dist/cjs/decree.js:80:27)
    at Batch.cover (/root/NodeBB-0.7.1/node_modules/lwip/lib/BatchPrototypeInit.js:99:16)
    at /root/NodeBB-0.7.1/src/image.js:22:6
    at /root/NodeBB-0.7.1/node_modules/lwip/lib/obtain.js:32:25

  • @kps persona 1.0.26 is not compatible with NodeBB 0.7.2 or 0.7.1.

    1.0.21 is that last version compatible with NodeBB v0.7.2. versions after that require master branch (dev version v0.7.3-dev).

    NodeBB v0.7.1 was released with persona v1.0.16 not sure if any changes till 1.0.21 require core changes made in NodeBB v0.7.2.

  • @pichalite
    Will resetting the plugin do the job (as in nodebb reset plugin persona ) ?

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