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    @kadmy , sure: upload the file controls.png from the plugin folder \node_modules\bxslider\dist into NodeBB assets. The file looks like the bitmap below.

    Then change the LESS to

    .my-wrapper { box-shadow: none; border: none; .bx-prev { background: url(/assets/uploads/controls.png) no-repeat 0px -32px; } .bx-next { background: url(/assets/uploads/controls.png) no-repeat -43px -32px; } }

    This file contains the standard bxSlider. But you can use any other icon. Just upload it or point to the url of your preference.

    Please update to v0.1.2 for more fixes.

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    I'll take a crack at it.

    Where are you looking to place the tipper?

  • News plugin - portal

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    @phit Thanks!

    Yeah, that's probably because it's still parsing that newsTemplate. I'll add an option.

    Published 0.1.2, with option to hide from guests. For anyone who wants to get the same affect as above without modifying the templates, I added three new widget areas: contenttop, contentbottom, and contentbetween. Just add a widget there and hide it from registered users.

    I'll create a topic for this asap...

    (Also fixed relative_path)

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    I dont know how is this auth process works with jwt.
    I have nodebb in forum.example.com and nodejs app in example.com. And reverse proxy with nginx. I have few question:

    -When user logins or signs up which route we should POST method to?
    -Do I need to install npm install jsonwebtoken?
    -Is this JWT Secret key obtained from jwt.io website?
    -How can I save a cookie to user browser?
    -When I achieve all this and users logins with nodebb credentials how can i access to current logged in user info?
    -Do I need to include the user's passwords to Json web token?
    -Do I need to set secret in nodebb admin panel?

    Edit:So I did some googling and what I understand I need to post the user info to some expressjs route on my app and generate the Json web token in backend and use some cookie plugin for nodejs. But my last two question is remain unclear for me.

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    @Oroton said:

    @Codejet said:

    @Mega , have uploaded this pic, simply these are 3 dif screenshots in the one pic.

    First is initial reload pushes all adjacent horizontal categories downwards leaving gap in masonary, middle is after 2 reloads (perfect, what we want), last one is after navigating and coming back to the front page.


    I have a solution to cause a page reload whenever condition is met in

    $(document).on('ready', function() {}

    if condition matches front page url. But obviously you would not advise this

    EDIT: scratch that can't even get that to work since a root url link just doesn't exist. lol I'll keep trying

    Have you got this facebook plugin working?

    Working correctly in 0.7.0-dev. Both in the Masonry and Widgets.