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  • nodebb-plugin-session-sharing

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    after installing and activating from plugin section "nodebb-plugin-session-sharing" , i am always getiing locked out of my acp by 503 error. then i have to use" ./nodebb reset -p nodebb-plugin-session-sharing to restart".
    how to proceed?

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    Hi! I'm searching for a Wiki Plugin/Widget for Nodebb.

    I'd like to have a Widget/Plugin with which I can see a list of "tools" and if I click one tool, there should be information fields, images and richtext for this specific item.

    Just like:

    Tool XYZ

    Imageslider: [Image] [Image]

    Name Category Year


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    Is there already something like that?

    Or do you have an idea how to do it?

  • Question about SSO plugin

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    oh lt is easy to solve this question
    Go to redis
    Find the key of SSO plugins
    copy that and add that in your ordinary

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    I noticed that the category description get's too big, when the redactor plugin is used:

    When the redactor composer is disabled and instead the markup composer is enabled, everything looks fine:

    It seems that the <p> tag gets lost somewhere...

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    I am wanting to add some fields to the registration page, so I thought I'd write a plugin for it.

    It looks like the process would be:

    Add a 'filter:register.build' hook function to insert the html for the extra form inputs. Add a 'filter:user.custom_fields' function to insert the key/value to the userData object.

    I looked at the spam-be-gone plugin to get an understanding of how to go about it, but my question is: Is it possible to place my added field(s) at the top of the form -- or anywhere else -- rather than the bottom?

    I can also do this by adding my additional html into the register.tpl file and then adding the key/value to the userData object in /src/user/create.js, but I'd rather do it via a plugin as it seems cleaner. I don't need the data to appear on the site (i.e. the user's profile) so just these two things work fine.

    The problem is I believe I'd have to do a 'git pull --rebase' each time I wanted to get updates for nodebb which could break things over time. Seems hacky. Plus, it is more maintainable to keep my modifications modular.

    So, is there a better way? What's the best way to go about doing something like this? I'm just assuming that doing it via a plugin would be ideal, but if there are better options that are clean, then please let me know.

    Lastly, if I wanted to have a function run a check on this info for duplicates during the registration (exactly like the one for username) can you steer me in the right direction on how I'd go about it?