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  • Hello Community.

    This is my first post.

    First off all a big thank you for the NODEBB team on a beautiful platform they have created, and alongside a big THANK YOU to everyone in the community participating to help improve. It really inspires me Thank You

    i need some Help, i am building my first website on Wordpress 🙂
    and i would like to add Nodebb forum as i seen it on a wordpress membership platform.

    I am looking for some one to help me with the following.


    1. I require a NodeBB forum to be added to the Wordpress site site.
    2. And to be sync in with Wordpress log in. (log in works from wordpres site on nodebb.

    Please help my email is [email protected], if you would like to email me.
    i am happy to pay also, i do not have a budget as this is my first venture, i have low funds. but if you can help me, i am sure i can help you also.

    Thank you

    Much love

    Vish Bless

    PS. i am part of a beautiful music band called Emperorfari Sound System in the uk, we play Roots and Culture, Dub is the Genre. we play of a custom built sound system. We spread peace love and unity.

    here is a song too share:

  • Just to get some general information down on the table, so you know where you're getting into. NodeBB isn't your regular forum software, this amazing piece of software is made with NodeJS, and doesn't run under a regular webhost, due to the fact that a regular web host doesn't use Node and MongoDB. So you will be required to have a VPS or Dedicated server, where you can install both Node and MongoDB. If you got those, best of luck with finding someone 😉

  • @Kowlin Hey, thank you for your time in response, and for sure i have done my research on this amazing software forum, i agree it is one of a kind 🙂
    i have VPS server,
    you know anyone that can possibly help ?

  • This post is deleted!

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