Turn Nodebb to a social network like Facebook and Twitter

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  • Hello,

    I need a plugin that modify the Category page structure by: Displaying under each Topic the topic post[0] content, the topic tools (vote, reply, share..) and a button to display replies to the main post of topic with their tools. Something like Facebook.


  • Its worth noting this might be a bit like making a request for Notepad++ to turn into microsoft word.

    Its just a totally different purpose. NodeBB is amazing, but its not facebook. Most of us wouldnt want it to be! NodeBB is largely focused around the forum conversation experience, and does a great job at it. Social Networks are less about conversations, and more about statuses, in a way, so are handled differently. I suppose a good way to put it is forums are topic and category focused, and social networks are profile focused.

    You might look at the following softwares, if you want to roll something like Facebook or Myspace.


    And if you're looking for something more like reddit

    Are all quite capable projects.

    You could probably manage to get NodeBB to do what you want, mind. Its very customizable and flexible. But you'd be swimming upriver.

    However! If you want to run a forum with a few extra social network like features tagged on, then plugins might absolutely be your best choice!

  • @Arc Ah, my thoughts exactly. 👍

    Choose the right tool for the job. As much as I love NodeBB. ❤

  • I'm suprised that Humhub looks... Really good actually.

  • @fais3000 so these guys are also suggesting humhub..

    Guys any more suggestions or feedback from those who have already tried these open source social networks?

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