• Swedes

    Hi folkes!

    I need to create a contact form like this

    but in Nodebb. Is it possible to fix this. I am unable to get smtp with ssl to work for starters but is there any other way to fix this?

    Would be nice with som help here / Thanks

  • Admin

    May as well use NodeBB's emailer... execute plugins.fireHook('filter:email.send') with your form's data... you can mimic how other calls to filter:email.send are made.

  • Swedes

    Is there any examples of this? Need a working smtp with ssl setup first. But it sound nice

  • Admin

    With 0.9.0, NodeBB should not need SMTP access to send emails, it should be able to send out emails by itself... alternatively hooks up with existing emailer plugins that are installed.

    Probably the best way going forward, as opposed to hooking in your own SMTP service.

  • Swedes

    "Please ensure that you have installed a third-party emailer (e.g. PostageApp, Mailgun, Mandrill, SendGrid, etc), otherwise emails will not be sent by NodeBB"

    But in my case I have as an smtp server that requires ssl for smtp.

    I have I username and password witch is the same as the email account.

    1. Where should i input that information if an smtp plugin is not needed?

    I am running 0.9.1 at the moment!

    or use googles mail smtp servers, but i cant get the plugin to work with smtp. In phpbb its supereasy to configure this!

  • Admin

    Where does it say that? We should remove that text.

  • Swedes

    Under the mail settings in admin panel. But where do i input server info and account info? Is it possible todo what i want todo ?

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